Ausi-Masks is 100% owned and operated by Australians. 

Washable Fabric Mask.  
Anti-Viral fabric Manufactured in Switzerland. 
Certified in Australia. 

These masks are made from Anti-Viral Swiss Technology that’s leading the world in medical fabric composition. 

Anti-Viral Mask
Swiss Technology leading the world 
    American Association of Textile Chemists & Colourists "AATCC" Tests method 100. Antibacterial finishes on materials assessment performed by the AATCC Technical Manual (2019) customised for virus testing under GLP study design and protocol. Surface treatment gives an extra antimicrobial protection to the mask, making the mask extra resistant to viruses and Bacteria. Inner comfort layer is soft to the skin and transports moisture away quickly to avoid discomfort due to moisture accumulation. Both the mask material and the antimicrobial are durable to washing at 40*C (104*F) 50 times. Shelf life is Three Years.

    Ausi Masks Pty Ltd
    Sizes available in small,
    medium, large and child.